A modular micro data center is a containerized data center system that is smaller in size used to perform functions that cannot be handled by other data centers. Traditional data centers are, for the most part, large and obnoxious. They can perform the same job or more than their earlier counterparts with fewer servers and virtual machines. Micro data centers have their cooling, security and flood and fire protection systems all in a 20-inch box. Their power and size have made them very useful to modern corporations. They save a lot of costs regarding maintenance, installation, and repair. Small and mobile data center products by Elliptical Mobile Solutions guarantee the lowest energy costs.


Containerized modular data centers are on the rise. They can be plugged into the power outlets of a vehicle, cooled by water and they are ready to go. The above systems, however, are still too expensive for small and mid-sized companies to acquire them. The technology used for energy management and conservation in micro modular data centers is incredible. Their security protocols are also equally good allowing for no theft or loss of information by any means whatsoever be it by fire, electromagnetic pulse, flooding and vandalism.

Artificial Intelligence

The data centers are exquisitely engineered, and most can monitor their functions and take appropriate action if it deems it necessary. They can preserve data if they sense any threat to the system. Such advancements are on the rise and will only continue as Artificial Intelligence continues to be developed. Most micro data centers are pre-designed to be a rack in which additions and subtractions to the system can be done if need be. Therefore, extra resources and updates can be added while obsolete units can be extracted. It ensures the technology is still adept without losing the advantages of its size and mobility.


Advancements in micro data centers are also including advanced security enhancements. One of the security protocols present in some data centers is air locking of resources. The modular data center can ensure that all the information is locked tight into the system until multiple level security locks are unlocked. You can, therefore, have multiple people hold the key to accessing the system instead of one which reduces the chances of theft or human-caused damage. Only the right people will have access to the data. Moreover, no more security software needs to be added to the system for the data to be safe. It is all engineered beforehand.